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Laravel is our first choice

The best framework for developing scalable applications in PHP.

Our best pieces in Laravel

„We have started cooperation with Rockero to produce a new website www.vozp.cz. What we appreciate about our cooperation is the proactive and flexible approach, fair and friendly negotiations and willingness to solve any problem. We just matched. Our satisfaction is evidenced by the fact that together we continue with other web and mobile application projects.“

Ing. David Pravdík, VoZP ČR

DameJidlo VoZP FootShop Ostrava!!!
CannaCare CandyCane Sareza Zrcé Festival
MS!C MyFoodPlace Placement MSVK

Why Laravel?

Proven solutions

Laravel offers a fine-tuned set of components for frequent functionality.

You are safe

The development method is set up from the beginning to automatically avoid major security risks.

The application grows with the requirements

We meet the quality standards defined by Laravel, making applications scalability easy and with no limitations.

You are not afraid of new versions

Laravel includes robust tools for automated testing. We use them on all projects, without exception.


„Laravel allows you to create robust web applications that are easy to read, scalable, and have clean, high-quality code. It's moving with the times! It is regularly updated and follows the latest PHP standards and is great to test! (We write tests for everything) Laravel has a large developer community and regularly holds conferences around the world.„

Martin Špička, Rockero s.r.o.

A robust ecosystem of services

For projects of all sizes

Let's find a solution for you

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