We create online
customized software

Information systems, e-shops, web and mobile applications.
And everything else from the digital environment.


From the list of requirements through prototype and graphics to detailed technical analysis. In all phases of the design process, we believe in cleanliness, clarity and functionality.


Step by step and in close cooperation with you. This way, we ensure that you end up with exactly what you need.


We know you're thinking about the future from the start. So do we. We take care of the software, oversee its operation, keep it up to date and develop it further.

Who are we?

Experienced and well-knit developers


We only build a team of highly-skilled people who have a track record and are not isolated in their development role.


We are in business ourselves and know that a new online solution will meet your business or presentation goals. We talk to you both in terms of the assignment and the return of the investment the development means to you.


You and we are one team working on a joint project. The goal of both parties is quality and functional software. We take your problem as our own, communicate intensively and solve together everything that comes our way.

How do we work?

Agile development at Laravel


We like the fast and frequent changes that are common in software development. We welcome the close coupling of business and development. We work agile with as lean yet clear project management as possible.


We create most of our projects in the PHP framework Laravel. It provides out-of-the-box excellent robustness, security and an extensive ecosystem of add-ons and tools. For mobile apps, we prefer the multi-platform Flutter.


We write automated tests by default and we guarantee quality and sustainability. We analyze traffic data and optimize apps after launch. We don't hide from you neither your customers, at Slack, we're always on hand!

Many great projects, new relationships
and collaborations lasting until now!

We have completed dozens of successful projects mainly for medium and large companies in the Czech Republic and abroad. On this experience we build Rockero – a team that will take care of your online projects from start to finish.