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Amazing idea deserves great software

We create applications. For mobile and web. And we've done it really well over the years.

We only offer what we are best at. We love a challenge, but we don't throw ourselves headlong into anything. We get excited about solving complex problems, but we don't shy away from small projects either.

Leite inventory management

We have developed a complete inventory system including an associated mobile app for barcode scanners.


We form one team with our clients, where no one hides behind anyone. We communicate in a timely manner, the good and the bad. We build long-term partnerships based primarily on people-to-people relationships.

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We live what we do

Every one of us likes to stand up for what we have done. We are constantly learning new things. We're entrepreneurs and starting our own projects. We understand your business and prove it with individual attention and care.

We are hiring!